Ewa Chru¶ciel
Hymn - Milosz Biedrzycki

the stains of insects are translucent light, full of might.
the remains of insects splashed on front windows, are
translucent light.
the river foaming with bumps and roaring under the axle
of the truck, is translucent light.
the front and rear axle of the truck flowing over congealed
asphalt river, are translucent light.
huge ploughed field, white with storks getting ready to
take off, is translucent light.
a pilgrimage moving on the side of highway, a nun with a
bullhorn high on a pole, are translucent light.
pilgrims in slanting ropes of rain, a nun with a bullhorn
high on a pole, are translucent light.
storks wading through a brown field, a stubble turned
upside down to earth, are translucent light.
children selling dusty plums on the roadside, are translucent
the tight skin of plums under the threads of rain, children
clinging to a trunk under the thick crown, are translucent
the dam above the highway, the mirror of the pond
chopped with rain needles, are translucent light.
the fissure of red sky between the rain and the horizon
two rows of lindens accompanying the wet gravel towards
reflected red on the wires along the highway.

Lokator, wieczor 24 czerwca, 09.




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