Wojciech Brzoska
Sky upon Sosnowiec

this meeting after ages, after’s someone’s
death. they are standing just beneath the window
to the past, on the edge of stairs.
she’s in a rippling green dress,

he’s in a blue shirt.
it’s sunday, the second half of july.
for half an hour they talk, standing
on the edge of phrases, not even seeking

a bench. just in case they would be rather beside the banister,
because he’s still coming toward her,
as she is coming back from the church.
sacred green on the background of the green lawn,

she’s been exempted from the week’s sins.
slightly calm with the communion inside her stomach,
but she’s wrinkling her brow, nervously
smiling. wilted angel in the color

of sky upon Sosnowiec, haphazardly he returned
for her, he didn’t even change
to plain clothes. second half is running out,
not expecting anything good.

blue spatter on gray concrete pavement
is shrinking, the angel is leaving,

Translated by Sarah Fetherolf
Wojciech Brzoska
fot. Magda AnoPsy

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