Andrzej Niewiadomski
Konstantynów. The Element
“Our entire life is ahead of us.” Four naked toddlers
bravely plunge into a shaded alley,
red pennant sprinkled with yellow dots flapping
over their heads. The days that are in store for them
will at first be as pink as their flesh is today
and later, when pleasure turns up, they will turn blue. The code
controlling the small legs as they pass
white stubs is still easy to read. Under dense
crowns of the trees march wrinkled feet.
Other qualifiers are still unknown to them.
Behind the edge of the road lurks the beginning,
the element itself. Olives and leaves of horseradish, gooseberries
and cypress trees. The glow and the flaws revealed by rain.
The remainder of the whole, the remainder of the cool summer. Had it
not been for the postcard in question, I would have put on a mask and danced
over my lifeless body, but now I am looking at myself ―
and see an angel. Windows watch over
a slow march, hair and wings are growing,
as well as walls made of wax and roofs cutting into a storm.
Clouds are swimming backwards and tapes
are rewound so that one more start is possible.
Slimy streams and fat buttocks delineate the route
of noiseless affiliations. The breath I feel on
my back came about because of an accident or
a hybrid of pronouns and dreams belonging to those
who are walking so awkwardly, run their feet into the air,
jump over a moist snail, wash faces in a puddle.
Beyond the horizon the mouth
smiles, as if wanting to say: „How would you feel if I called you a little
Faust?” Later on they will keep teasing one another and argue
more and more loudly. In the light of the day they will walk
right into the shapes of fragile repetitions. Between a joke
and disappearance from sight. “How would you feel about it?” I ask,
undressing you and touching a dark, soft place with my tongue.
Instead of the same letters that lead to confusion between different words
I would prefer to know the fear of those toddlers, to remember them
and their source. Do they have less or more strength in the legs,
should they be walking faster, what is ahead of them really?

Translated by Jacek Niećko
 * * *
Andrzej Niewiadomski
fot. R.Sz.

"Pan Optico. Wiersze trzech sezonów", Wrocław 2014
"Podwójna kosa". Lublin 2018
K Esej podróżny, Wrocław 2018

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